Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Since the internet and music downloading have come into play, the attitude of consumers has changed drastically. People are so used to being able to get the music they want for free that there is no point in trying to stop it. Well aware of this fact, SpiralFrog is experimenting with a new business model. Through their servers, SprialFrog offers free, legal music downloads. They make it legal by selling advertising on their site rather than charging users for the service

Launching this month, SpiralFrog has already signed a deal with the Music Publishing Division of EMI to gain access to their copyrighted material. The deal covers the entire music catalogue, but only for tracks which have an agreement with the artist's recorded label. This means that half of all music will be available when it launches.

In order to make more music available additional contracts will need to be negotiated. Universal, for example, is known to be the industry's largest recorded music group. Fortunately, many of its artists are signed to EMI Music Publishing so the contract negotiation is not so much of a stretch. For other, smaller recorded music groups, the contracts may take more time. Regardless, the library of free music that will become available for download through SpiralFrog is huge.

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